Kobudo / Weapons


Ryukyu Dento Kobujutsu:

The art of Okinawan weapons, Kobudo, or more appropriately Kobujutsu practiced is from the Kanagusuku Lineage, it is sometimes referred to as Ufuchiku Kobudo.  This little known art was founded by an Okinawan named, Kanagushiku Sanda (1841-1920) or in Japanese, Kinjo Sanda.  He was a police commissioner (Ufuchiku) by trade, hence the name of the style.  He was a student of Bushi Matsumura and Matsu Higa.  He also acquired much of his weapons knowledge on the streets of Okinawa dealing with criminals.  He was also the bodyguard to the last Okinawan king, Sho Tai.  This is a rare system and rarely taught even in Okinawa. The art was passed down to Shosei Kina Soke who was the teacher of Shinyei Kyan, Masanobu Kina, Kaishu Isa and Kiichi Nakamoto.  Our Kobudo association is the Ryukyu Dento Kobujutsu Hozan Budo Kyokai under the leadership of Kiichi Nakamoto Soke, Hanshi 10th Dan.


Sensei Sullens, our chief instructor here at Anshin Kai Martial Arts,  previously trained in Kongo Ryu Kobudo under the late Sensei Howard ‘Karyim” Moore.   Sensei Sullens is now transitioning our program to Ufuchiku Kobudo.