Karate has been so good for my 6 year old. It teaches him self control and focus, two things he needs desperately! Sensei Jeff is so patient and kind with all the kids, I am so very thankful for him!!!

-Jill H


Sensei Jeff does a great job of mixing a traditional martial arts curriculum with modern day application.
-Rick M.


My 6 year old has been going to Anshin Kai since October. Sensi Jeff has been wonderful with my son. He has learned so much in his short time and has helped build his confidence.
-Lisa K.


Being a father isxan added bonus because he “gets” kids.
-Nannette P.


I love taking my son here. He has made new friends and is learning so much. The instructors are great and very encouraging with the children.
-Marry B.


Sensei Sullens is a Karateka I have known for over 20 years . We trained together at the GKK Headquarters in Toledo , Ohio and I was very impressed with his ability to analyze kata and quickly apply bunkai in both self defense kumite situations . Sensei Sullens has dedicated a great part of his life to pass on true Karate Do to the next generation of students and is very open minded to different interpretations and training methods so that he and his students are very well rounded in the art .Sincerity , dedication and willingness to work hard are the attributes needed for success in the martial arts and students will learn these important life skills from Sensei Sullens .
-Sensei Mike Galose


Jeff and I have trained together in traditional GojuRyu karate since we were kids. His karate training along with military experience, make him a well rounded instructor offering traditional martial arts and practical applications.
-Sensei Pat Pavolnale