Karate for ages 13 and up.

Many adults think martial arts are just for kids. Well we would like the opportunity to convince you otherwise.  Our core system of Okinawan GojuRyu Karate is an effective concept based martial art.   Taught in an ego free, friendly but disciplines environment with a focus on a healthy life style, effective self-defense and physical fitness we believe our Adult Program is the best in the area.

Mind – Body – Spirit

A three tiered approach to training is inherent to Okinawan Goju Ryu

Mind – Focus and exercise the mind through learning and comprehension of new information

Body – Strengthen the body through exercise and physical training

Spirit – The most important as it drives you in life and martial arts training. The ability to push on during a hard training session or one of everyday life challenges.  Learning to not give up and achieve goals is vital to our physical and mental well being.